USB Rechargeable bike lights Set-Super Bright Front LED Bicycle Light sets-Water Resistant Tail Light Easy to Fit & Mount-Built in Powerbank for charging devices

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USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set-Powerful LED Bicycle Front and Tail Light-Waterproof Easy to Install Light Sets

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  • RECHARGEABLE BIKE LIGHTS- Our bike light comes equipped with two rechargeable lights: headlight and taillight. It includes mounts for your handlebars, seat bar and a helmet strap.
  • 3 MODES FOR THE HEADLIGHT- Continuous bright, continuous dim and flashing. Back light has 5 modes: Continuous red, continuous white, flashing red, SOS flashing red and an intermittent red to white strobe effect.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE- The charge will last up to 12 hours depending on use. The kit contains 2 USB charging cables to keep you powered up. Charges in 2-3 hours and you’ll never need to buy batteries for your bike light again.
  • INSTALL IN SECONDS – This Bike-light is equipped with a mounting bracket that can be easily fixed to the handlebar. These durable lights are suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes and even BMX.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are a British company that prioritizes your wellbeing the most. The bike lights was designed in the heart of the UK and we offer unrivaled customer support for all our products

22 reviews for USB Rechargeable bike lights Set-Super Bright Front LED Bicycle Light sets-Water Resistant Tail Light Easy to Fit & Mount-Built in Powerbank for charging devices

  1. Chaouki Chaabi

    Very easy to use and very brightMany thanks

  2. ahmet cem saydam

    bought this light twice, one for my bike and one for gf`s bike and we`re really happy with these purchases. Yes, it might be a litty bulky but they are indeed easy-to-install, long lasting, 100% waterproof and super bright.I highly reccommend this product

  3. Mohamed

    I have it for a two months now I charge it once a month, I use it about an hour a day everyday and I still can use it longer, it still has half the power is not like is completely run out.

  4. Mo.

    The brightness of this light really took me by surprise. I do mostly daytime cycling but I still like to take extra precautions. Even during full sunlight, I can see the flash of this light on reflective surfaces! The backlight is easy to put on, initially looks like the strap might lose but I have put it to the test on a hybrid bike in some very tough off-road conditions and it has firmly stayed in place. I would recommend this to anyone looking for powerful light in all conditions.

  5. Adil Syed

    Good value and very effective bike lightsVery bright, and very easy to fit, No need of batteries anymore. Light has USB charging with 2 types of USB port which is great, can also charge my iPhone on the go from the light. Because it’s easy to clip of I’ve used it as a torch. Cannot yet say how well it will fare over prolonged usage. Has a flashing option. You can toggle through each mode to switch this off. The back light also has a large number of modes, more than needed but gives lots of choice for different bike riders and for different time of the day.Might order a few more as presents for my nephews.

  6. k vearncombe

    Great product exactly as described

  7. Julie C Salmon

    This light set is really good it offers bright lighting with decent battery life and simple installation for your cycling needs. it comes at a reasonable price too.

  8. Mister BeeMister Bee

    As bright as car headlights so it’s good enough for riding at night, my commute in the winter and through dark thunderstorms. I can’t say if it lights up to the indicated 300m to 500m but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure other users would notice the light from that distance and beyond though. The strobe effect will attract more attention and prolong battery life too.Each light is a solid one-piece sealed unit as you don’t need to open it to insert batteries. On charging (via the micro USB port under the silicon dust plug) a red light indicates charging. This turns green when charged.Installation is easy. It comes with enough inserts (see photo) so that the front mount can fit most bike handlebars and frames. No tools required. Both can easily removed.I bought it because it is also a USB power pack and expected this to be bulky but am happy with the size. It’s about three times the size of the tiny light on my bike and considering its power-pack feature, it’s perfect for commuting. The front unit weighs 130g on its own and together with the rear unit and fitting bracket, the total weight is 225g. That might not suit lycra-clad enthusiasts shaving the odd gram off their ultra-light carbon road-bike accessories and aiming for the next PB on an uphill segment but it’s perfect for convenience, safety and all-purpose cycling trips, so it’s right up my street.

  9. Hisec

    The units appear to be well made, the front light is extremely bright.I purchased this item as i wanted a strobe effect front light for my bike. The rear light works well as was an added bonus also the abilty to charge my phone from it was a plus. Well done, would recommend to others. Priced well.

  10. AnonymousAnonymous

    This is the best light I’ve ever bought, this if WAYYYY better then the expensive ones!!!Worth buying again!!

  11. stevenfury

    Since I have fitted these Lights, to my bike they can certainly be seen they are bright and clear very Happy with my purchase thanks

  12. Andre Gray

    The front light is very bright and easy to install. The back light works but is a little flimsy so only 4 stars.

  13. Mrs N Syed

    The brightest lights on the market. Gives you that peace of mind on the safety aspect. Nobody can miss you.The 3 settings are great.-Beam being the brightest and furthest omitting-Dipped still efficiently bright-Blinker works great especially in the twilightCan be used daytime aswellRechargeable – Usb cable included for charging. No more batteries. Battery life is extremely long.Build is robust and fully waterproof. Can also be used as a torch.Highly recommendable. Great product

  14. Larky2

    I use these all the time

  15. M

    The full beam lights up plenty of road, even when speeding down hills, you’ll see what is far ahead of you. The standard beam is great for town or slower paced riding. The benefit of the power bank is a super feature as I can sometimes spend hours out on the roads and cycling paths. I highly recommend to all riders who need a set of lights to go for these. You will not be disappointed.

  16. Farhan Ghalib

    Great piece of kit, built solidly, retains charge and charges my phone quickly. Light intensity is great and we have also used it as a torch. The front light comes off easily and the clamp is pretty good, holds the light in the correct position. Slightly annoyed by the 5 modes of the light, takes me a while to switch it off, but overall very happy with the purchase and may buy another one for my daughter.

  17. Mr Mac

    They work well and give me just what I was looking for love the back light with flashing effect and pattern it makes

  18. Mr Mac

    They work well and give me just what I was looking for love the back light with flashing effect and pattern it makes

  19. Seth ThomasSeth Thomas

    I bought these lights as my front light from a more expensive brand had broken and my rear light isn’t that bright.These were perfect and just what I was looking for. They are far brighter than I expected. Charge very quickly.I think they’re a bargain.One feature I particularly liked is the ability to charge your phone using the inbuilt battery on the front light. Perfect if you’re on a long bike journey out of the way especially in these pandemic times.They are easy to fix onto your bike with the attached fittings. Especially the rear light which attaches with a sturdy rubber strap.I haven’t had them long but I have no complaints so far and am looking forward to getting even more use now that the days are getting shorter!

  20. SilverBack

    nice and bright, easy to charge and fit.

  21. C. Smith

    Great led chargeable lights. Very bright. The only slight constructed criticism is the rear light could be better fitted. I used a zip tip to go around the rubber strap to hold it in place. Very good though so bought 2. Had the 1st lights for a year and no issues

  22. Eaglesteeth

    As the winter closed in, I bought this light to keep me cycling in the evenings. I live in the country, so I’m cycling on country lanes with no street lighting, generally on rides of 1-1.5 hours.Not sure about lumens ratings etc, (the box says 3000 lumens, from my research this cannot be true). To make the light perfect, it could be slightly brighter, however it lights the way enough for me to cycle comfortably at the same speed down hills as I would during the day.I charge it after my 3rd rides & hasn’t run out on me (advises 6 hrs). Been in some heavy rain with no problems.Tail light was a bonus, and many different flashing modes. Awesome value for money

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