Dyzi Montessori Busy Board for toddlers

BUSY BOARD for Toddlers

Kids always need fun activities to kill their boredom, but what if you introduce a toy that builds interest in playing and is also helpful in learning some basic skills. As it is hard for parents to teach their children all basic skills, Dyzi comes up with an amazing educational toy, the “Busy board for toddlers”. It is one of the best toys for Boys and girls aged 1 to 4 years old. This toy is helpful in the early development of your kids.

This toy is very helpful for teaching kids all about early development. The board is very easy to carry as it only weighs 230g. The length and width of the learning board are also very easy to carry for a child. So, kids can easily take this board and enjoy learning while traveling.
The board comes up with all basics that are essential for kids to learn and use in their life. It includes shoe laces, tieing up belts, clocks, zip, buttons, and tying knots. This board is fun and also best for learning purposes.

Why Dyzi Busy Board?

Easy to carry
The board is light-weighted and one can easily take it when traveling.

One can easily afford this amazing board that will be helpful in early child development.

Improves motor skills
The busy board comes up with different and multi-functional small objects. Children learn by interacting with all the objects on the board. For example, children learn how to use daily objects like zippers, switches, handles and shoelaces etc.

Busy boards help a child with logical development. It boosts brain development through play. It will develop a pattern of logical thinking just by solving basics on the board.

Finger Grip
With the help of elements available on the busy board, the toddler trains finger grip and will also help control their hands.

Sensory learning
The board will help kids develop sensory learning through the colors, shapes, textures and numbers available on the board. It will develop early childhood development.
You can buy a busy board from Dyzi as it provides a premium quality board with all the basic essentials that your child needs for early development.